Heartthrob (2013)   + Lyrics

02. Goodbye, Goodbye
03. I Was a Fool
04. I'm Not Your Hero
05. Drove Me Wild
06. How Come You Don't Want Me
07. I Couldn't Be Your Friend
08. Love They Say
09. Now I'm All Messed Up
10. Shock to Your System

Get Along | Live CD (2011)   + Lyrics

01. Alligator
02. I Know I Know I Know
03. Monday Monday Monday
04. I Hear Noises
05. Night Watch
06. Back In Your Head
07. Divided
08. Call It Off
09. Relief Next To Me
10. The Ocean
11. Nineteen
12. Knife Going In
13. Not With You
14. I Won't Be Left
15. Sentimental Tune

Sainthood (2009)   + Lyrics

01. arrow
02. don´t rush
03. hell
04. on directing
05. red belt
06. the cure
07. northshore
08. nightwatch
09. alligator
10. paperback head
11. the ocean
12. sentimental tune
13. someday

The Con (2007)   + Lyrics

01. I was married
02. relief next to me
03. the con
04. knife going in
05. are you ten years ago
06. back in your head
07. hop a plane
08. soil, soil
09. burn your life down
10. nineteen
11. floorplan
12. like o, like h
13. dark come soon
14. call it off

So Jealous (2004)   + Lyrics

01. you wouldn´t like me
02. take me anywhere
03. I bet It stung
04. I know I know I know
05. where does the good go
06. downtown
07. I won´t be left
08. walking with a ghost
09. so jealous
10. speak slow
11. wake up exhausted
12. we didn´t do it
13. fix you up
14. I can´t take it

If It Was You (2002)   + Lyrics

01. time running
02. you went away
03. monday monday monday
04. city girl
05. not tonight
06. underwater
07. I hear noises
08. living room
09. terrible storm
10. and darling
11. want wo be bad
12. don´t confess

This Business Of Art (2000)   + Lyrics

01. the first
02. proud
03. frozen
04. hype
05. my number
06. all you got
07. freedom
08. not with you
09. more for me
10. come on
11. superstar

Under Feet Like Ours (1999)   + Lyrics

01. divided
02. our trees
03. come on
04. freedom
05. proud
06. more for me
07. hype
08. clever meals
09. this is everything
10. heavy
11. welcome home
12. superstar

Maple MusiciTunes

Aus dem Album: Heartthrob
Erschienen: 2012

Aus dem Album: Sainthood
Erschienen: 2010

Aus dem Album: Sainthood
Erschienen: 2010
The Con

Aus dem Album: The Con
Erschienen: 2007
Back in Your Head

Aus dem Album: The Con
Erschienen: 2007
Walking with a Ghost

Aus dem Album: So Jealous
Erschienen: 2004
Speak Slow

Aus dem Album: So Jealous
Erschienen: 2004
Monday Monday Monday

Aus dem Album: If It Was You
Erschienen: 2003
Time Running

Aus dem Album: If It Was You
Erschienen: 2003

I Hear Noises

Aus dem Album: If It Was You
Erschienen: 2002
The Con Demos (2008)

01. I Was Married | 02. Relief Next to Me
03. The Con | 04. Knife Going In
05. Are You Ten Years Ago | 06. Back in Your Head
07. Hop a Plane | 08. Soil, Soil
09. Burn Your Life Down | 10. Nineteen
11. Floorplan | 12. Like O, Like H
13. Dark Come Soon | 14. Call It Off
Red Demo (1998)

01. Celebration
02. Super Star
03. Beauty
04. Heavy
05. Painting Songs

Orange Demo (1998)

01. This Is Everything
02. Proud
Yellow Demo (1998)

01. Here I Am
02. Falling Asleep
03. Hello
04. Just Me
05. Star Money
Tegan and Sara Release Closer-Remixed - EP

1. Closer (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix)
2. Closer (Morgan Page’s Talk Is Cheap Remix)
3. Closer (Until The Ribbon Breaks Remix)
4. Closer (The Knocks Remix)
5. Closer (Bradley Hale Remix)
6. Closer (Yeasayer Remix)

Amazon Itunes

In Your Head:
An Introduction to Tegan and Sara - EP

1. I'm Not Your Hero | 2. Back In Your Head
3. Walking With A Ghost | 4. Call It Off
5. Alligator | 6. Hell
Alligator LP

1. Holy Fuck Remix | 2. Passion Pit Remix
3. Toro Y Moi Remix | 4. VHS To Beta Remix
5. Doverman Remix | 6. Four Tet Remix
7. Murge Remix | 8. Ra Ra Riot Remix
9. Automatic Panic Remix | 10. Hi-Deaf Remix
11. Dave Sitek Remix | 12. Sara’s Original Demo
13. Morgan Page Remix | 14. Kevin St. Croix Remix
15. Mad Decent 1 Remix | 16. Josh Harris Club Remix
17. Hamel Remix

Tegan And Sara ‎
Live Session (iTunes Exclusive) - EP (2008)

1. The Con
2. Nineteen
3. Back In Your Head
4. Burn Your Life Down
5. Where Does the Good Go
I´ll Take The Blame EP (2007)

01. Back In Your Head
(Album Version)
02. Back In Your Head
[Tiesto Remix Edit]
03. One Second
(EP Version)
04. I Take All The Blame
(EP Version)

Live From The Phoenix EP (2005)

01. speak slow
02. i bet it stung
03. living room
04. this is everything
05. walking with a ghost
Eponymous EP (2002)

01. Monday Monday Monday
02. My Number
03. I Hear Noises
04. Empty In Between
This Business Of Art - LP (2000)
Side One
The First | Proud
Frozen | Hype
My Number | All You Got

Side Two
Freedom | Not With You
More For Me | Come On
Glee (2013)

aus dem Album: Heartthrob
90210 (2009 - 2012)

"Now I'm All Messed Up"
aus dem Album: Heartthrob
"Call It Off"
"On Directing"
aus dem Album: The Con
Late Show with David Letterman (2008 - 2012)

aus dem Album: Heartthrob
"Call It Off"
aus dem Album: The Con
Being Erica - Alles auf Anfang (2009 - 2010)

"Where Does the Good Go"
Altitude - Tödliche Höhe (2010)

aus dem Album: Under Feet Like Ours
Rookie Blue (2010)

aus dem Album: Sainthood
Melrose Place (2010)

"Feel It In My Bones"
/> Late Night with Conan O'Brien (2007)

"Back in Your Head"
aus dem Album: The Con
The Last New Year (2009)

"The Con"
"You Are Ten Years Ago"
aus dem Album: The Con
Ghost Whisperer -
Stimmen aus dem Jenseits (2007)

"Burn Your Life Down"
aus dem Album: The Con
The L-Word (2006)

"Love Type Thing"

"So Jealous"
aus dem Album: So Jealous
Monster in Law (2005)

"Walking With a Ghost"
Aus dem Album: So Jealous
Grey's Anatomy -
Die jungen Ärzte (2005 - 2007)

"Call It Off"
aus dem Album: The Con

"Take Me Anywhere"
"Fix You Up"
"Where Does the Good Go"
aus dem Album: So Jealous
One Tree Hill (2003 - 2005)

"Walking With The Ghost"
aus dem Album: So Jealous

"Don't Confess"
"Time Running"
"Want To Be Bad"
aus dem Album: If It Was You
The 24th Day (2004)

"Don't Confess"
aus dem Album: If It Was You
The Great Upstanding Member (2003)

"City Girl"
aus dem Album: If It Was You
What's New, Scooby-Doo? (2003)

"Time Running"
aus dem Album: If It Was You
Sweet November (2001)

"My Number"
Aus dem Album: This Business of Art
Triple J Hottest 100, Vol. 15

Erschienen: 2008
Live At the World Cafe, Vol. 24

Erschienen: 2007
End Sessions (Volume 4)

Erschienen: 2006
Seventeen: The Best New Music
"So Jealous"

Aus dem Album: So Jealous
Erschienen: 2006
Veronica Mars
"I Know I Know I Know"

Aus dem Album: If It Was You
Erschienen: 2006
Songs for Christoff

Erschienen: 2006

Live at the World Cafe, Vol. 20

"Walking with a Ghost"
Aus dem Album: So Jealous
Erschienen: 2005
Return of the Holiday Hangover

Erschienen: 2004
Spiders From Venus

"Rebel, Rebel" David Bowie Cover
Erschienen: 2004
Kink Live Eight

"Walking with a Ghost"
Aus dem Album: So Jealous
Open Door Festival of Music

Aus dem Album: This Business of Art
Erschienen: 2000
Get Along [CD+DVD] (2011)

STATES a film by Danny O'Malley
INDIA a film by Elinor Svoboda
FOR THE MOST PART a film by Salazar

The Con [CD+DVD] (2007)

The Con: The Movie (Making of the album)

Ptosis: Explained | Ptosis Outtakes
Duct Tape Dreads | Feelings Report
Video Chapters


Live At The Phoenix
1. I Bet It Stung | 2. I Know I Know I Know
3. I Hear Noises | 4. Monday Monday Monday
5. Not Tonight | 6. So Jealous
7. Where Does The Good Go
8. Speak Slow | 9. Downtown
10. This Is Everything | 11. Walking With A Ghost
12. Living Room | 13. You Wouldn’t Like Me

Music Videos
14. Speak Slow | 15. Walking With A Ghost
16. Living Room | 17. Monday Monday Monday
18. I Hear Noises


Oh, Touring!
1. “It’s Not Fun. Don’t Do It!” Tegan and Sara On Tour
2. “Rob Meets His Match”
3. “You Got Plunk’d Dude, a Tegan and Sara
management tool in action”

The Making Of ‘So Jealous’
4. The Making Of ‘So Jealous’

Photo Album
5. Commentary running over a collection of photos

The Puppet Project
6. Take Me Anywhere | 7. Tour Video


Der erste Teil der Buchreihe beeinhaltet geschriebenes von Dallas Green (von City and Colour und Alexisonfire), Northern State, An Horse und Tegan and Sara. Sie schildern Eindrücke aus der Perspektive der Bands, untermalt mit Bildern von Lindsey Byrnes.

IN dokumentiert die Zeit in New Orleans, November 2008, die Tegan and Sara zusammen dort verbrachten, um für das neue Album zu schreiben. Ryan Russel hat dazu die Fotos geknipst.

Im letzten Teil haben neben Tegan and Sara auch die anderen Bandmitglieder das Wort. Sie berichten aus der Zeit von The Con und steuerten, neben Lindsey Byrnes, Fotos hinzu.

Erschienen: 2009

David Guetta & Alesso
ft. Tegan and Sara

"Every Chance We Get We Run" (Hörprobe)

James Iha ft. Sara Quin

"Dream Tonight"
"To Who Knows Where"
Astronautalis ft. Tegan Quin

"Contrails" (Video)
Morgan Page ft. Tegan and Sara

"Body Work" (Video)
aus dem Album: In the Air (2012)
Theophilus London ft. Sara Quin

"Why even try" (Video @ Letterman)
aus dem Album: Timez Are Weird These Days

Jonathan Coulton ft. Sara Quin

"Still Alive" (Video)
aus dem Album: Artificial Heart (2011)

Margaret Cho ft. Tegan and Sara

"Intervention" (Video)
aus dem Album: Cho Dependent (2010)
Emm Gryner ft. Sara Quin

"Top Speed" (Video)
aus dem Album: Gem and I (2010)

Fences ft. Sara Quin

"My Girl The Horse" (Video)
aus dem Album: Fences (2010)

Fucked Up ft. Tegan and Sara

"Do They Know It´s Christmas?" (iTunes)
Single (2009)

DJ Tiësto ft. Tegan and Sara

"Feel It In My Bones" (YouTube Video)
vom Album: Kaleidoscope (2009)

Vivek Shraya ft. Tegan and Sara

"The Alphabet" (Hörprobe)
"Your Name" (Hörprobe)

Charla McCutcheon (Char2d2, Bella)
ft. Tegan Quin

"Only Man For Me"
"You are a Small Vampire"
"Some Will Have To Go"

von der EP: Small Vampire (2009)

Jim Ward (Sparta / Sleepercar) ft. Tegan Quin

"Broken Songs" (Hörprobe)
von der EP: In The Valley, On The Shores (2009)

Dragonette ft. Sara Quin

"Okay Dolore" (Video)
aus dem Album: Fixin to Thrill (2009)
Kaki King ft. Sara Quin

"Sweetness Follows" (Hörprobe)
R.E.M. Cover (2008)

Tegan Quin für Augusten Borroughs Buch
"Wolf at the Table" (2008)

"His Love"
The Reason ft. Sara Quin

"We´re So Beyond This" (YouTube Video)
aus dem Album: Things Couldn't Be Better (2007)

Against Me! ft. Tegan Quin

"Borne on the FM Waves of the Heart" (Video)
aus dem Album: New Wave (2007)
Rachael Cantu ft. Tegan Quin

"Saturday" (Hörprobe)
aus dem Album: Run All Night (2006)

Kinnie Starr ft. Tegan Quin

"La Le La La" (Hörprobe)
aus dem Album: Anything (2006)

Melissa Ferrick ft. Tegan Quin

"Never Give Up" (Hörprobe)
aus dem Album: In the Eyes of Strangers (2006)

Kate Bornstein
Vorwort Sara Quin

"Hello, Cruel World ..." (Amazon) 2006

Isa Chandra Moskowitz & Terry Hope Romero Vorwort Sara Quin

"Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World"
(Amazon) 2006

David Usher ft. Tegan Quin

"Hey Kids" (Hörprobe)
Aus dem Album: If God Had Curves (2005)

Amanda Palmer coverte

"Dark Come Soon" (YouTube Video) 2009

von Weezer gecovert

"Tired of Sex" (YouTube Video) 2008
von The Rentals gecovert
"Man With Two Brains"

Friends of P - Tribute to the Rentals
(Cover Sampler) 2008
Alkaline Trio coverte

"Wake Up Exhausted" (YouTube Video) 2008

The Broken West coverte

"Back In Your Head" (YouTube Video) 2008

von Rihanna gecovert

"Umbrella" (YouTube Video) 2007

DJ Tiësto coverte

"Back In Your Head" (YouTube Videos) 2007

von Bruce Springsteen gecovert

" Dancing in the Dark " (YouTube Video) 2006

The White Stripes coverten

"Walking With a Ghost" (YouTube Video) 2006

von Prince gecovert

"When You Where Mine" (YouTube Video) 2005
von David Bowie gecovert
"Rebel, Rebel"

Spiders from Venus (Cover Sampler) 2004

Matt Sharp & Maya Rudolph coverten

"Not Tonight" (Hörprobe) 2004